This morning I had few words with my wife about facebook. Sometimes she accepts friend requests from unknown persons and regrets it later. Especially these unknown guys keep sending messages through messsenger which is such a troublesome thing to handle. Overall, it is not good to accept request from someone with whom you don’t sheare anything common. It is after getting married that I understood why too many girls in India don’t set their own photo as profile picture. For them it is like volutneering to accept troubles.

It is indeed very difficult to maintain a facebook profile if you are a female in particular. Although facebook provides so many features to add to your safety, seldom anyone knows about it. And those average users who don’t know anything about facebook in depth will go along the way and suffer a lot in the aftermath.

Despite being not wanted to make outsiders as friend, my wife keep getting hundreds of requests a day. If somehow she accepts some requests by mistake, the aftermath is unparallel. These guys keep texting you even if you don’t reply them anything. And the better part is the option to make video and voice calls which is available in messenger. I’m still figuring out ways to understand the thought processes going insid their head. How someone can keep on stalking if the response they get is always negative? Don’t they have any self respect?

The idea is pretty simple. These people show their true colours. Most of them who are into such acts are disguising in the daylight as someone worth to talk to. But infact they ain’t. They cant’ help showing their instinctual acts of animalhood. I don’t argue that their part is condemnable, rather it is the discretion of you as a user is responsible for whatever consequences you face!

When Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of facebook, had this idea of creating this awesome platform he wanted this to restrict to a circle of friends. The design of facebook is such that it creates an unparallel connection between the people whom you are in direct contact with. It facilitates almost every service that you can expect from such a group. When you invite someone unknown into this circle, the entire design of facebook appear to be a failure because it is not designed that way.

So my suggestion to those end users who are still unaware of the deceptions existing in the social media is that, don’t blindly accept someone just because that person has sent you a friend request. Use your discretion, act wisely.

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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