I’m 25 now and will be turning 26 soon. As a married man, I have a family to look after and a hell lot of other financial burdens to mitigate. I have been working my butts off for the past couple of years after getting graduated to make sure that I’m not lagging behind my peers in any aspect of life. However, I’m still unclear as to whether will I be able to make it to where I want my life to be before I turn 35. A decade more to go, which in the view of many, is a long period of time. But if you look at it from the financial point of view, it is not that long a period of time.

This book is among the best in educating people about becoming rich.

I have read a lot of quora answers about being rich where people admit to having been earning great amounts as income. Interestingly enough, people as young as 21 are into the bandwagon of earning millions per annum. But these people are clueless as to what to do with this lumpsum amounts! Here me, on the other hand, am dedicating all my good years towards making some small amounts to make two ends meet!

The other day I was contacted by agents from policybazaar.com to join one of their thousands of money-making plans. They range from health insurance to investing in equity funds with their exclusive expert assistance. The person spoke with me for over one hour describing various plans they have to offer to make me rich in over a period of less than one decade. I assured him to call back after discussing this matter with my family members. In fact, his way of speaking was persuading me to take a policy instantly, however, i know i must think twice before jumping.

Buying iPhone the best investment plan?

As far as myself is concerned I am of the opinion that making your investment in scalable businesses is the best investment strategy. Be it stock market or the capital of a promising startup, Being among the first ones to invest in a business is the wise financial decision on can take.

For me, as of now, the main investment lies here on steem as steem power. I have faith in this platform and I believe that in the long term (Like 5 years) the value of steem is bound to rise back to where it was a year ago. Btw, I’, continuously updating myself to get a secure financial condition before I turn 35. What about you?

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I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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