It is incredibly difficult to answer such questions. We all have our own versions and viewpoints for this problem, but seldom they turn out to be the actual solution. As a not so extraordinary human being, I am so obsessed with finding a solution for the same, that too for a long period of time. In reality, I’m nowhere near providing an exact solution because I can’t remotely consider myself a successful person. But would like to pen down some of my thoughts here.

In a society such as mine it is no surprise that people will be judged based on a lot of really trivial factors. The main being the depth of amount of money one has. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the other way round which is true. Which means, it is your belief that your are not so successful that makes you behave the inferior way that you behave right now!

For atleast for last four years, which is the time period after my college studies were over, my mind has been going through intense thought processes. I keep on thinking about my future, future and my future. There is always a permenent conflict existing between what I think I want to be and what others around me suggest what I must be in the future. This conflict, I think is not restriced to my case, it is a part of day to day problems of nearly all of us!

After passing through a particular point in our life, we all are expected to behave differently and act differently. People around us along with our own consciousness begin to force us achieve something. This achievement can be in any form. However, financial progression is considered to be the foremost! On further divisionj, we can see that, financial success can be achieved through many different ways. But the society never allows you to make money through whatever way you want by simply putting in a lot of restrictions on your paths!

As a mechanical engineering graduate all around me want me to be a mechanical engineer. The funny part is I myself started believing me as a mechanical engineer. I say it is funny because this thought had never helped me achieve anything, even to secure a good job! Simply putting, thinking ourselves something that we in reality not are will waste a lot of our efforts, time and money.

In a later period, probably just now, I started to realize that ‘Jack of all trades but master of none’ kind of approach is pretty good for the growth. It is the extent to which you are ready to be flexible that decides your financial and to some extent all kinds of other successes.

Coming to a part of this question, making a lot of money is really important. People around you want you to make it happen through some predefined paths. But in my slightly varied opinion, the path you choose to achieve is of no real importance. Make sure you are not causing any damage to this society. Success is obviously achievable if we are flexible with trades.

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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