To me, the last couple of days have been the most exciting phase of my life as I had to handle a tabooed subject in Indian society- SEX! Sex education is a part of the CBSE curriculum in 8th grade. As I’m the only science teacher in my school, the responsibility lies on me to teach this chapter about “REPRODUCTION IN HUMAN BEINGS’. However, I was determined to handle this subject as effective as possible as I knew well what kind of thought processes go on within the mind of someone who has just hit puberty.

Most of these students have ages between 13 and 15 and as I have mentioned earlier, a good part of them have already hit puberty and many are yet to get into that phase. However, even those who have hit puberty seemed to have a little to no knowledge about the subject. When I gave a short introduction about sexual reproduction and its importance in human’s life, the response I received from the class was mixed. Almost all boys were curiously listening to me with a giggle in their face, not to mention that many could not control their laughter, whereas, many girls felt uncomfortable sitting in the classroom. Understanding the gravity of the situation, I tried to turn the situation lighter. However, I could still read uncomfortable faces from the girls’ side!

On the second day of teaching this chapter, I could notice a major change happened with the students sitting in that classroom. That almost all girls have coped with the subject and started to turn their heads up! I began to turn the atmosphere more friendly with the help of an interactive session. Students were asked to ask me any of their doubts to get clarification. If thy felt shy they could write it on a paper. This activity along with my open and friendly approach turned the situation more light and now that many reluctant faces stood high.

On day 3, that is today, I openly talked about vaginal intercourse and the process of fertilization, pregnancy and childbirth. The most important thing that happened today was that many girls didn’t feel any hesitation to ask me the doubts they had about their menstruation cycles! All boys got rid of misconceptions they previously had about the body of females and themselves! Now that after courageously handling this subject without hiding anything, I feel special for having been able to be a part of the lives of these students when I feel they need me the most!

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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