We the people of the World..

We the people of the World..

India has the largest written constitution in the world. Preamble of our constitution starts with this very statement- We the people of India… On steemit we have no boundaries, no nation is there to limit our freedom. We can be identified by this very sentence- We the people of the world..! Indeed we are!

We are here in hunt of the people. Each and every upvote and comment we receive has the hands of real humans behind it. Being so, why should one hesitate to socialize with others? No reason to justify that behavior. I still have the same strong feeling I had when I joined here that the steemit is a social media platform. We can get acquainted with each other and the very concept of earning is much associated with the real people who value our post!



The talent one has in engaging with the community is what determines the success rate here. Growth of those who are self restrictive is stunted and dwarfed. As social beings we are blessed with the trait of interacting with others.One needn’t to do much but should replicate this inherent talent here in order to emerge successful. But many seem to be reluctant in doing so! One such thing being follow and follow back.

When we follow the big players, chances are very narrow to get a followback. Because they have already gained a good friend circle by now so it is more than enough for them to survive here.  But when we follow someone who is of our level they will surely follow us back if our homepage and interactions look good enough. Again there are some kind of people who never give a followback even when every aspects of our profile seems fit. I will call them arrogant. I dont think their nature is different even in real life.

This platform is for interactions. Good content producers, commentors and curators are all here for creating a good eco system. Being part of it by engaging with the community is in our hands. Grow yourself and let others Grow!

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