We steemians always have this urge to onboard our friends and relatives onto steemit to keep them along. However, one of the biggest problems that we face is the difficulty in creating new accounts on steem blockchain. Account creation page on steemit as of now comes up with two options. One is to create a free account with the delegation offered by @steem. You will recieve 15SP delegation from @steem which will be taken back gradually as you accumulate your own SP. The problem with this method is that it will consume a lot of time(As of now one should wait upto two weeks to get their password through the provided mail address!). Also you are required to share your contact number to verify your authenticity. I faced issue with this while OTP generation as the page always invalidates the JIO number i provided (I think steem still doesn’t have the technology to identify a real mobile number)

The second method available is to create an account through payment. Options are available to do this with cryptos as well as fiat. If you are opting the second method the cost seems pretty high. When I tried to create one through fiat payment, I was redirected to pay a hefty amount of 270 INR(Almost 4 USD!). For this amount with the current value you can buy 20 steems! So i don’t think it to be a good way unless you are entirely new to the platform.

Creating claimed accounts- The best way to create a new account as well as to use your RCs effectively!

As I was scrutinizing my account activities on steemworld.org, I stumbled upon a new feature which allows any steem user to create an account with an unprecedented ease! There are two options such as ‘Claim Account Ticket’ and ‘Create New Account’. Under which you will be allowed to create an account at your wish!

sceenshot of the available options.

As you can see, there is an option called ‘Claim Account Ticket’ which can be used to claim an account creation ticket which reserves you the right to create a new account. It works in two ways-

  1. By using Resource Credits(RC)
  2. By using your steem coins.

The first method can be refffered to as the best way to use your unused RCs effectively. However, the problem with this method is that not everyone can benefit from this. Some people having SPs more than what they need to do their day to day transactions can claim accounts this way. This will burn up a huge part of your rechargeable RC’s. One should keep it in mind that the recharge rate of RC’s is 20% a day, just like your voting power. If you want to create an account with this method, as of today you must have over 4400 steem powers to meet the RC requirement. Since I failed to meet this criteria this method of account creation failed in my case. I resorted to the second method- Spending some steems to claim an account ticket!

By this method, all you have to do is to spend the predetermined steems( Which is 3 Steems at the time of writing this post!) and claim a discounted account. Pretty simple!

When you claim an account ticket, it doesn’t mean that you have created an account on steem blockchain, rather it means that you have reserved the right to create an account in future. This ‘future’ is not time bound. You can create the account at any time as per your wish! And in steemd, you can find the number of accounts you have reserved to create.

You can see the statistics for ‘Pending claimed accounts’. For me it is 0 now, which used to be 1 the other day. I used that ticket to create an account for my wife @ranjitha. Some steemians who use this function effectively such as @tarazkp have already claimed many accounts so far. This option had actually come alive with the implementaion of HF20. Right now our platform is looking forward to witness HF21 in near future. Here is the steemd statistics of taraz which shows the total number of pending claimed accounts. As of now it is 371. He is making use of his RCs effectively.

Account creation is not necessarily have to be with the help of steemworld, you can use many other fronts such as steemconnect and steeminvite. I used the latter as I found it convenient as it includes the involvement of the person for whom we create the account! Because out of 5 people whom I have onboarded to here, hardly anyone is active!

Anyway, I hope you found this article helpful. If that is the case please let me know what do you think about this facility in the comment section below. Do you expect a change in this method with the advent of HF21?

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