For me, unintentional delays have become a new normal. I thought of writing this blog-post a week before but the new normal has pushed me towards a week delay.  Anyway, now I’m back on the track!

Getting a closer look at Tajmahal with bare eyes had always been a big dream of mine. I bet the case is quite similar for everyone that grew up in the soil of India. In my case, to make this dream come true I looked upon at every possible way through which I could touch the soil of Agra. Unfortunately, I was unfortunate to be true!

As some of you are aware of, in the recent past I got into a new job in the northern part of my country which is located at almost 2500 KM away from my home. Teaching high school students is my new role here. I feel it a boon to be on holidays whenever my students are. A couple of weeks back I happened to get a vacation which was a decent 8 days long. Thanks to the Durga pooja and all related Indian festivals.

without giving a second thought I ventured into fulfilling my longlasting dream. I booked a train ticket to Amritsar which is located in the state of Punjab. As a last minute planner, I ended up being subjected to so many loses; the first being not getting a sleeper ticket which is more like a basic need if you travel over 40 hours in one stretch by Indian railways!

Amritsar is a great city. The main attraction here is the Golden temple which is the important shrine of Sikhism. But before visiting the golden temple I had to visit the Wagah border which separates both India and Pakistan. Here are some snaps I took while in Waga border.

That was incredible to see a lot of Pakistanis and Indians in a single frame!

Wagah border is located within 35 kilometres from the temple city Amritsar. So I didn’t have to struggle much to choose the correct place to be in at that night; obviously, Amritsar was my pick when I used the Oyo app for booking!

At that evening I happened to meet some local lads with whom I became friends in no time and continued exploring the city as a Punjabi would!

Even I served food in that temple. It was such a great experience for me! thanks to those new friends who helped me throughout.


In the next morning, after getting afresh, I endeavoured into exploring the freedom struggle of India alongside enjoying the daylight view of the golden temple. The India- Pak partition museum, jalean wala bag memorial and many other monuments which are located in the premises of golden temple are actually giving us a clear view of what our forefathers went through in those days! many pictures and portraits I came across over there was the source of sorrowful emotions! Heart-wrenching!

Sorry I resorted to taking selfies along with those historical pictures instead of capturing them alone…

Due to the prohibition for taking photographies inside the partition museum I couldn’t take any and only option to make my visit memorable was to take some pictures outside the museum which is what you just saw now!

This journey is just halfway, will resume with my journey to Tajmahal in next episode….

(To be continued….)

( NB: All pictures are taken by me in my Lenovo k6 power phone..)

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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