Few months back I stumbled across an answer written by Balaji Viswanathan, a famous quoran from India. The answer was about a lot of indians returning back to their home country despite the US once having been the country of their dreams. As usual he had framed that answer very brilliantly and comments started to pour in. I was impressed by that answer and had an opposite point to make about his opinion. I commented under his answer, and within few minutes he read and replied to my point. This thread went on for few more comments and replies to only to witness many other quorans jumping in with their opinion! Here is the screen shot of my commment in that answer.

This is the comment that made may people contact me in person.

After going through the thread of comments under my comment, a lot of people directly messaged me offering jobs and showed their interest in helping me in whatever way possible. Even I had recieved a few phone calls from people living in the various parts of the world saying the same! However, I turned down all those offers knowing very well that I was not something to be treated as special. I represent millions of jobless engineering graduates in india. If I were to be offered a job, so should those millions.

During this event I was keenly observing my answer views. It was just 1k before that. But, within a day after making this comment, my answer views surged to touch over 5k, a figure that I could never imagine to happen on quora in such a short time span! The huge lesson I’ve learnt from this incident is that “The Internet is so powerful, social medias in particular are inexplicable”. Now even after being inactive for like months the answer views on quora is keep on increasing. You can see that here by visiting my profile. Here is a screenshot of my quora profile.

screen shot of my quora profile, it shows 10k answer views. Though nothing, it is somehting to me!

I’m thinking of using social medias more effectively. I have a friend who uses quora and kind of such platforms for pure marketing. He is the owner of a blog. He puts the link to his website in some of his answers on quora. Interestingly he had made an ad revenue of over 3000USD in a single month! He often urges me to make the good use of social media sites. However, i hardly listened to his words!

Hereafter i’m planning to effectively use my presence in social media to better my life. How do you use social medias to accentuate your quality of life? Leave your comment below.

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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