The Only successful Interview

The Only successful Interview

“Tell me something about yourself”

“Sir, I’m a graduate in engineering.My parents are daily wage labourers working in agriculture land of others.I have the privilege of being very first graduate of our family”

“Nice to hear that young man. Your CV shows that it’s been two years since you graduated.What were you doing for all these days?”

“Well, I was working in a manufacturing company as a machine operator”

“Experienced guy!.You are a mechanical engineer, right? Then why did you apply for this job?”

“It’s extremely hard to get a good job In the field of my specialisation sir. The work I had been doing for last two years was actually a manual labour.Most of the people worked with me had never been to college in their entire life.The funniest part out of all was that to give that job they had conducted a Writing test and face to face interview.Salary was too low that it didn’t even fetch me enough to satisfy my stomach!”

“Oh my goodness!But you shouldn’t have given up.It is the experience that makes a man perfect dear.If you had worked for couple more years you would have become a great player!”

“That’s utter non-sense sir.I wasted my two years repeating the same tasks again and again..There is nothing new to learn.One man whom I got acquainted with, works there like anything for last 25 years and still, he possesses that same tag of the last-level labourer and gets the same low salary!”

“Sad to hear that! Why did you not try to get a job in government sector?”

“I should have, but I didn’t try. I didn’t know what to do next when I was in college.Internet was costly.My teachers and friends were all coming from the nearby villages.Their perceptions and knowledge were too narrow to share anything effective..The system was obsolete.There was no chance to know anything beyond our rotted books and nearest villages!”

“So you came to know about the actual engineering only after coming out of your college.Isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir. I hadn’t heard about IITs, My ability to handle English was limited and I was living in a delusion that it would be easier to get a job right after completing my studies!”

“I feel pity for you.Why do you think it is best to work in a BPO company such as our’s?”

“I can do the work sitting in front of a computer.I don’t need to sweat in heat anymore because the entire office has been air-conditioned.Although the pay package is almost similar to what I was getting till now, I laud this job as it gives me a chance to dress well”

“Haha, lol.When can I expect you joining our ‘Call Centre’?”

Picture source-Pixabay

In India, The number of unemployed engineering graduates rapidly increases year by year.Poor families spend a lot of money in educating their children only to see them unemployed later.There are a lot of success stories of poor children conquering high positions doing the rounds…But that number is not enough! BPOs are flourishing under the advent of unending fresh engineering graduates.

NB: This article is from my own experience!

You are free to comment your takes on unemployment here under this post.So, What do you think?

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