Its not forever.. I’m returning after a long hiatus!

Its a long hiatus indeed. Almost two long weeks it’s been since I had written something worthwhile on my blog. Infact, I was busy settling in an entirely new place as part of my new job.

As I had hinted in my last blog on steemit I was actually heading on my way to Bihar then which is located in the northern part of my country. this is for the first time that I’m travelling to that part of India and hence everything I confronted seemed pretty new to me.

As a jobless person since last one year for sure I can write a lot about the life of an unemployed soul. Luckily enough and partially because of my consistent perseverance I managed to get this job in Bihar which offers a decent remuneration for my work alongside setting the stage for learning new things. Anyway, I’m not venturing into making this blog fulll of some simple english letters. Let me share with you guys some photos which I think could  expalin the actual scenaries one can have access to while having long travels in Indian trains.

I started my journey from my hometown, Kerala. I happened to travel in our own state transport corporation’s Bus wwhich was quite very old. I took its photos nwhen we were outside for having a tea.. Climate was too chilling and there was heavy rain lashing oiut throughout the journey.

A side view of KSRTC..

It was Patna express running between Ernakulam and Patna happened to be my Train. After a long gap of almost two years I again saw a live moving train. This is not a joke I’m trying to convey as the place I belongs to has no train there since it is a hilly area.

I knew it well that after crossing the boarder of southern part of my country, especially the state I live in Kerala, It would be more of a herculian task to get to eat some Beef. In North India, opting for eating the meat of Cow and Buffalo is a thing heavily  frowned upon. So my wise brain asked me to eat the beef one last time while I’m home. I ate the beef for one last time before stepping into the train. I remember, It was a beef Biriyani. It will remain in my mind lush green until the next time I visit my home town! Maybe a few more months..

There were many things to be seen during the journey. One can enjoy the actual beauty of Indian villages during the travel by a train. A many of those sceneries were entirely new to me. I managed to capture quite a few. Here are those..


Apart from these outside views we get through windows the more interesting fact i found was the presence of people who commuted along with me. We had struggle in the communication part as none of them could understand neither Malayalam nor Tamil which I believe are my mother tongues. However, we managed to interchange words with the help of the broken english that we possess.

The place I was to alight was a station named Jasidih which is in Jharkhand. I had to sit in train for three full days and to pass through the states Kerala, Tamilnadu, andhrapradesh, Telangana, Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar before reaching the destination.

For the first time I saw the soil of  my opposite part of india through my naked eyes. The bus stand was not good at all. Maybe because of the procession going on as part of some religious deities..

Anyway, Now I’m in Bihar.. Will be blogging more about this place, place and many other things in the days to come!

Thank you for reading…


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To know the soul of a country you must travel by the train

To know the soul of a country you must travel by the train

The soul of India lives in its villages
-MK. Gandhi

To get a sound knowledge of the life in the country you are travelling through, you must know about its villages. Rural areas are the places where the soul of a country undoubtedly lies in. Gandhi’s words aren’t restricted just to India, but It holds very true for every single Nation that exists today. To know the soul, there are no better ways othert than choosing a train to travel!

Image Source-Pixabay

It took me 19 odd years of wait to see the train moving live for the first time in my life. In the locality where I live in, there is no way the train can ever make its first appearance, atleast in my lifetime, because the terrain is hilly and zigzag. This region is situated at a height of over 1500m from the sea level. I know that in many other places in the world, train services are running successfully even at a height of over 4000m. But in my country, ie India, the government finds it difficult to construct rail lanes in hilly areas such as ours. Me being a person hailing from a family which was categorized as BPL(Below Poverty Line) in government records as well as in reality, it was unlikely that I could ever expect of travelling beyond the boundaries set by my parents. In their restless struggle to eke out a living, my parents had almost forgotten the idea of visiting nearby places, leave alone far located tourist destinations!

Ever since I was a little boy, I always wished of travelling by a train. I wondered what it would be like to be inside that snake-like metal body. To my dismay, I couldn’t do anything apart from indulging in the incessant dreams of the same! It was like my dream come true when I first heard the name of the place where I was to spend my next 4 years to pursue the graduation. I travelled to Oddanchathram which is located about 200kms far from my home town. I was hopping in ecstasy not because I was entering a new college, but because I knew that Oddanchathram had a railway station in it! I would be able tro see a train moving live. I can travel! No boundaries in place set by my parents! I was in utmost happiness!

Oddanchathram railway station. Source- indianrailinfo

I was about to turn 18 when I walked into my first year classroom in 2011. I thought it was the end of my long wait to witness a moving train. I asked my classmate who was from the same town of my college about the railway station. His answer was not something I had expected would hear. He said “There is no train running in this root as of now. Work of converting the lane from metre gauge into broad gauge is underway!” Literally, this was the very moment I started to hate the college! I cursed my own fate for ending up in a place where even the dust of the train couldn’t be spotted! Days rolled on and I suddenly reached the second year of my UG! Now it is 19 years of wait and still the train remained a mere dream to me!

It was then that I suddenly heard this happy news for which I was longing all those years. The work has been completed and a train will start its service from this particular date and time. Mr. railway minister will flag off the train from this particular station’. What to say!? I’m still searching for a proper word to express my happiness. Literaly I didn’t sleep the whole night before the morning the train got launched. Now I can proudly say that I was the one among those first commuters who had travelled between Oddanchathram and Palani in tthe train launched after a long hiatus!

It is am usual sight in india that trains will be stopped like this in emergency situations. Image Source- ruralindiaonline

You can find the soul of a country by a train journey…

After that special occasion I became a frequent visitor of indian railways. To this date I prefer trains to any other transporatation medium whenever possible. Over these years I have met a wide range of people from various walks of lives during my train travels. A mix of culture is what makes the travel through trains unique. Peasent, Marchent, Farmer, doctor, Engineer, Man, Women, Children, Butcher, Priest, thieve, Ruckster, Gambler……. You can find all sorts of people there. You can take part in their conversations. There is almost nothing left in the universe that is not being discussed in such a premise.

By and large, the rail lanes are entrenched in far off places to avoid traffick congestion. Due to this, almost every sights the windows of a train offer are rural in nature. The life of peasents can be experienced through the gaps of the windows. A gentle breeze passing by mildly knocking your hair, far-flung paddy lands moving opposite to you and children waving their hands! What better ways other than train journeys to dwelve deeply into the soul of a nation? I would reiterate. There is none!

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How true is the claim that the new generation is reading nothing?

How true is the claim that the new generation is reading nothing?

People have a general conception that nowadays the youngsters are not reading enough unlike the previous generation who used to read a lot of books. The ones who claim themselves to be coming from previous generations occasionally scold the so called new generation for not utilizing their time productively. I would say it is outright ignorance that makes these elders behave that way. To put it bluntly, youth nowadays are reading much more when compared to their parents’ generation. Only difference lies in the medium they use. That generation used paper books but this generation does it through the medium of LED screens.

Image Source-Pixabay

The difference between old and new generation itself is a bit confusing. New generation doesn’t imply the biological age of a person. I have known people in their teenage behaving as if they belong to stone age. I am also familiar with the people who are in their late eighties thinking very progressively and being active on steemit. In this sense the definition of new generation would be Those who can update themselves with the ever growing modern technologies. Now according to this definition let us analyze our topic of discussion.

New Vs Old

Now as per our definition those who are up to date are new generation and those who are stagnated the old generation. These oldies regardless of their young age are adamant in not complying with the technological revolutions. They uphold the old values and ancient culture. They uphold the religion, cast, community and the paper books. They think they are right and all around them are clowns. What value can one attribute to the words coming out of these old generation guys? In fact what knowledge do these old guys have? I would say their knowledge is something that doesn’t fit to this new era and are rotten some decades ago!

According to Tmes of India’s article, book reading is indeed declining among the youth. Youth is unaware of the works of William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. Because they have never given a thought on reading these books apart from having a glance at the profiles of these authors. But I would like to ask what is wrong in it? Should one really read these authors in order to get enlightened? If you ask this question to the oldies they will surely answer Yes!

The authors the oldies ask us to read lived some 3 or 4 decades ago. What can those books deliver to you besides giving a rough idea of the condition existed then? Nothing!

Nowadays we can have access to almost everything. We produce more data in one day than what the entire world could in one decade back in eighteenth century. We can gain knowledge in the field of our passion if we desire to work. I would say  there is need not to be adept at everything. In-depth knowledge in a particular field is more than enough for a person to survive here. In taking this fact into account we can undoubtedly say our new generation is far better.

Once upon a time we were able to get to know the things the author wanted us to know. But now we are in full control of what we should learn. The oldies doesn’t seem to understand the difference. And yes, I emphasize that the youth today are collectively reading and learning a lot than their progenitors!

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