Consistency is the key to be successful. But…

Consistency is the key to be successful. But…

No doubt in it. Consistency is the sole key to become success. But what happens in most of the time is we are lagging behind when it comnes to consistancy. I’m one such inconsistent person who become like that owing to innumerable reasons.

Personally I dont believe in horoscope. But one individual residing near to my place who is a believer and practitioner of this superstition told me that according to my date of birth, it is impossible for me to be consistent in any work I make a commit on. It would be a fact if I’m to believe the results of the endeavours that I ventured into so far! Hardly ever some of them succeeded

Everything was perfect until I got into the first year class room of my college. My dilemma started right from there. I lost interest in studies which I had when I was a school student. I lost somewhere in my own world and had to struggle even to get through the subjects of engineering. I didn’t work as I should have. No sign of consistency at all! Engineering didn’t interest me. I was thinking of other alternative ways to elope the course. I didn’t emerge victorious even there!

After those boring 4 years I ventured into the endeavour of getting into a job. I roamed across the streets of various metropolitan cities of my country. I couldn’t get a job which would give me a sense of satisfaction. I tried my fortune in so many jobs but I had to resign from all of them owing to my inconsistency. Infact it is not that I can never work consistently, but the job profiles I always get are in no way related to what is there in my mind for long!

And in the beginning of this year, ie 2018, I got into the crypto world by means of entering into the  blogging aka social media platform steemit. Here I cant exactly say I’m an inconsistent soul as I haven’t left this platform yet in the way many come here do! Yet, I feel like I’m inconsistent. I leave from this platform for weeks at times and make a return only at the time I wish!

In a platform like steemit where even every minute and second handles count, taking lengthy hiatus is not something an indomitable person should indulge with. I feel like I’m far from making it to perfection on steemit.

My tale with blogging is also of having no difference. I always wanted to build my social media and blogging presence. But I’m not even able to concentrate at something. I have a lot of works to do. Seems like I’m doing a lot of trivial things only to waste the golden years of my life, the early twenties!

I think the God which I don’t believe in would come to my rescue. Oh God, Where the hell are you!?

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The circumstance you are in has a lot to do with the person you are

The circumstance you are in has a lot to do with the person you are

Nowadays I feel like I’m not as productive as I once used to be. Even when I re-read the articles I write in various blogging sites after publishing them, I feel no satisfaction with my creative side. Today I sat on the chair and analyzed as to what happened to me. Why am I not improving myself with increasing number of publications ? Every angle of investigations have converged at one single point- The circumstance which I’m  living in! The scape goat!

I’m in home since last few months and doing agricultural jobs here. As some of my followers already know, the place where I live in is a small and remote village. The people I talk to on a daily basis are mostly illiterates and don’t understand the basics of Internet. They don’t even know the language English either. On living in such a narrowed circumstance, the things I find on internet doesn’t interest me much. Be it some great scientific article I happen to come across, or something important about steem blockchain or cryptocurrency. I don’t find them to be as interesting as they once seemed to me. Instead, anything related to my real life intereststs me a lot!

Few months back I used to live in some big cities in my country as part of the job I had then. During the period of those 2 years, I had learned a wide range of things. Getting new friends from across the country was a big benefit and boon to me. I could understand the broadness of the world in its entirety( I’m a skeptic here of my own words!). Each and everything appeared on newspapers seemed to have some relation with my real life, which inturns further boosted my zest to continuously learn new things. I was able to sense the feeling of thriving myself as a better person in those days. It was the circumstance existed around me that helped me in this process. Learning something new everyday seemed a joyful habit.

But now, I feel like I’m in a stagnated situation. I have nothing new to learn. I’m repeating the same things over and over again. The circumstence I’m in doesn’t encourage me to be creative. Despite working hard, I always end up getting too bored!

If you are a person having big dreams and living in not so suitable circumstances, you are prone to be affected by the similar conditions that I now go through!

Your surroundings do really matter when it comes to shaping the person you!

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In the land of superstitions how does a Rationalist survives?

In the land of superstitions how does a Rationalist survives?

I would like to introduce myself as an Atheist, which is a by-product of my way of living- Rationalism. The fact that I don’t believe in God is not unknown to many who have got acquainted with me over the years. When I first expressed my disbelief in god with my family members, they vehemently got into argument saying eventually I will be isolated from the society if I go ahead with such a bad decision. And more than that all their fears were about me embarking on my journey to the hell after my death! HAHA.I broke into an unstoppable laughter. Dude, I don’t believe in the life after death in the first place!

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A couple of days back, I and @bala41288 got into an argument on the applicability of traditional values in this new world(I hope he reads this!). I argued that most of what have been written in the ancient scriptures are bullshits. Whether it is Mahabharatha or Ramayana, almost the entire stories written over there are irrational. The case is similar when it comes to the stories of Bible as well as the Quran. Referring those old scripts in search of solutions for the new day problems is nothing but utter foolishness.

Here in India, the land known for its unscrupulous mythology, living with the badge of an atheist is a toughest task one can undergo. I am well aware of the fact that there are tens and tens of other countries, that are way more conservative than what I could ever think of, in which no options are left with their citizens other than to abide by the national religious laws. In that sense, We indians are fortunate enough that here we have no legal block stones exist against practising and preaching the religion that we are believing in. In fact, Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution. Article 25 of the Indian Constitution says.

25. Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion

(1) Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion

(2) Nothing in this article shall affect the operation of any existing law or prevent the State from making any law

(a) regulating or restricting any economic, financial, political or other secular activity which may be associated with religious practice;
(b) providing for social welfare and reform or the throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of a public character to all classes and sections of Hindus Explanation I The wearing and carrying of kirpans shall be deemed to be included in the profession of the Sikh religion Explanation II In sub clause (b) of clause reference to Hindus shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikh, Jaina or Buddhist religion, and the reference to Hindu religious institutions shall be construed accordingly
Even though the freedom of practising any doctrine that we are interested in has been guaranteed by the constitution, it still remains a theoretical concept as the religion is a deep-rooted plague in the hearts of billions. In reality, there are not many who brave to deviate from the traditional path they are following since a sense of fear is attached deep inside their brains. Luckily, I have overcome that stage long before and nowadays, any talk related to religion seems to me to be a waste of time. Including this post, Because there is no GOD!
I call my country the land of superstitions as I’m a part of its dust and wind for more than two decades now. I have seen that all; From denying the right of women in the name of culture to curbing the financial growth of a businessman in the name of religion and astrology. I have a myriads of points to show to back my claims. If I do, this post might never end!

My experience as an Atheist..

The word Atheism does narrows the idea that I actually represent. Infact, I always prefer to identify myself as a rationalist.

It is not an easy thing to rival the society collectively since it attracts tons of enemies. The news that read about the assassination of a number of athiests was doing its rounds not too long ago. We as a minority get isolated.

There are many things to share. I will make it another post…

(Stay tune. Will be continued….)

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Life of an Elder…

Life of an Elder…

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You and I are bound to get older one day. Wrinkles will start to appear, Physical strength will dwindle, We will tend to forget every little things of our day to day life! We are bound to become an onus to those who may look after us in those days!

I wonder how the time flies like anything, I remember the days when I was just a 4 year old as if it was yesterday. Days, weeks, months, Years, decades… everything move rapidly in the wink of an eye . We are bound to get older!

I was fortunate enough to see my grandma’s mother( ie, The mother of my mother’s mother). She was alive until I was 21. She could have witnessed another generation had I married at 19 or 20 and produced a child. But in India it is illegal to marry in that age if we are boys.

I was unlucky because I couldn’t see my grandfathers as either of them had died much before I was born. All that I can remember is about my only grandmother( who is my mother’s mother; I haven’t seen my father’s mother) who is still living with us. I always used to be with my grandmother during my childhood days as i liked her storytelling very much.

Even in these days she is continuing to be a good friend of mine. I share everything including steemit with her. In fact I had posted about her twice before. She is supportive of me in everything that I do!

Struggles of senior Citizens

The other day I watched a Tamil movie in which the condition of elderly persons was portrayed extra-ordinarily. Many who are widowed in their old age have to undergo a lot of  struggles when they are left with mere memories of their spouses. Some find it hard to live on this earth at first but eventually cope with the changing circumstances.

And some others choose to live alone or seek asylum in old age home. Their super busy children find it difficult to look after their parents. Life is like that!

Some crave for death, some go after euthanasia. Some commit suicide! And some live happily!

I hope my later days would be…

Put it simply, I wish my life as a grandfather to be a blissful experience. I don’t want to lament over the actions of my off springs. For that I have to do a lot throughout my life!

Even stronger, I want to set a good example to my children and grandchildren the same way my grandmother did to us!

In the end, I want to be known as a good human who has done whatever he could for the well-being of humanity and the life around him.

So have you started to Imagine the life that awaits you after 40 year by now? Where do you see yourself then?

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Believe me, Personal Development stuffs are fraudulent

Believe me, Personal Development stuffs are fraudulent

Is there anyone who reads this post who has never attended a personal development class yet? If you are such an exceptional person who hasn’t yet, then I salute you!

Nowadays, personal development is becoming a thriving Industry. People are stressed, depressed and searching for a way out. The so-called great motivational speakers and writers find a good niche and develop themselves instead.

There is no dearth of reasons for why people fall prey to depression. everyone has their own reasons for that. The newborn baby is depressed about not getting adequate milk at right time. School going toddlers have their own stories about their ongoing studies as reasons for their depression. Youngsters are worried about unemployability. Parents are worried about their children and their future.

In a nutshell, if you think you are in a critical situation and depressed, you are wrong. Everybody including the one you are going to share your emotions with is also depressed.


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Motivational speakers, as their name suggests,  are here to motivate you. Their words can bring in a sense of relief when you are in a trouble. It works in the same way that even the vicinity of someone carrying so much positivity with them can alleviate the intensity of the struggles you are going through. But whether the person you are confiding in really has some positivity is a debatable topic!

Thus, sensing the huge opportunities lying in this area, people started to throng in which resulted in ever-increasing frauds and fakes in the realm of personal development. Most of those who advocate self-growth are demotivated and uninformed. They are depressed themselves.

It was estimated that the personal development industry worth $9.9 Billion in 2016 in US alone. By 2022, the market’s value is expected to increase to a whopping $13.2 Billion. You can easily spot the niche here!

I would say don’t spend much money in the name of self-growth. If you are determined, no one can prevent you from achieving your goals. That’s why motivating yourself is suggested over anything else.

Over the years I have read too many articles, books and watched too many videos that intend to teach us how to grow ourselves as individuals. But nothing seemed helped me. If I aim at my growth, it is my own responsibility to take care of me; ie The key is with me. In the case of you, the key is with you!

Wishing everyone a blissful life.

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The Only successful Interview

The Only successful Interview

“Tell me something about yourself”

“Sir, I’m a graduate in engineering.My parents are daily wage labourers working in agriculture land of others.I have the privilege of being very first graduate of our family”

“Nice to hear that young man. Your CV shows that it’s been two years since you graduated.What were you doing for all these days?”

“Well, I was working in a manufacturing company as a machine operator”

“Experienced guy!.You are a mechanical engineer, right? Then why did you apply for this job?”

“It’s extremely hard to get a good job In the field of my specialisation sir. The work I had been doing for last two years was actually a manual labour.Most of the people worked with me had never been to college in their entire life.The funniest part out of all was that to give that job they had conducted a Writing test and face to face interview.Salary was too low that it didn’t even fetch me enough to satisfy my stomach!”

“Oh my goodness!But you shouldn’t have given up.It is the experience that makes a man perfect dear.If you had worked for couple more years you would have become a great player!”

“That’s utter non-sense sir.I wasted my two years repeating the same tasks again and again..There is nothing new to learn.One man whom I got acquainted with, works there like anything for last 25 years and still, he possesses that same tag of the last-level labourer and gets the same low salary!”

“Sad to hear that! Why did you not try to get a job in government sector?”

“I should have, but I didn’t try. I didn’t know what to do next when I was in college.Internet was costly.My teachers and friends were all coming from the nearby villages.Their perceptions and knowledge were too narrow to share anything effective..The system was obsolete.There was no chance to know anything beyond our rotted books and nearest villages!”

“So you came to know about the actual engineering only after coming out of your college.Isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir. I hadn’t heard about IITs, My ability to handle English was limited and I was living in a delusion that it would be easier to get a job right after completing my studies!”

“I feel pity for you.Why do you think it is best to work in a BPO company such as our’s?”

“I can do the work sitting in front of a computer.I don’t need to sweat in heat anymore because the entire office has been air-conditioned.Although the pay package is almost similar to what I was getting till now, I laud this job as it gives me a chance to dress well”

“Haha, lol.When can I expect you joining our ‘Call Centre’?”

Picture source-Pixabay

In India, The number of unemployed engineering graduates rapidly increases year by year.Poor families spend a lot of money in educating their children only to see them unemployed later.There are a lot of success stories of poor children conquering high positions doing the rounds…But that number is not enough! BPOs are flourishing under the advent of unending fresh engineering graduates.

NB: This article is from my own experience!

You are free to comment your takes on unemployment here under this post.So, What do you think?

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To know the soul of a country you must travel by the train

To know the soul of a country you must travel by the train

The soul of India lives in its villages
-MK. Gandhi

To get a sound knowledge of the life in the country you are travelling through, you must know about its villages. Rural areas are the places where the soul of a country undoubtedly lies in. Gandhi’s words aren’t restricted just to India, but It holds very true for every single Nation that exists today. To know the soul, there are no better ways othert than choosing a train to travel!

Image Source-Pixabay

It took me 19 odd years of wait to see the train moving live for the first time in my life. In the locality where I live in, there is no way the train can ever make its first appearance, atleast in my lifetime, because the terrain is hilly and zigzag. This region is situated at a height of over 1500m from the sea level. I know that in many other places in the world, train services are running successfully even at a height of over 4000m. But in my country, ie India, the government finds it difficult to construct rail lanes in hilly areas such as ours. Me being a person hailing from a family which was categorized as BPL(Below Poverty Line) in government records as well as in reality, it was unlikely that I could ever expect of travelling beyond the boundaries set by my parents. In their restless struggle to eke out a living, my parents had almost forgotten the idea of visiting nearby places, leave alone far located tourist destinations!

Ever since I was a little boy, I always wished of travelling by a train. I wondered what it would be like to be inside that snake-like metal body. To my dismay, I couldn’t do anything apart from indulging in the incessant dreams of the same! It was like my dream come true when I first heard the name of the place where I was to spend my next 4 years to pursue the graduation. I travelled to Oddanchathram which is located about 200kms far from my home town. I was hopping in ecstasy not because I was entering a new college, but because I knew that Oddanchathram had a railway station in it! I would be able tro see a train moving live. I can travel! No boundaries in place set by my parents! I was in utmost happiness!

Oddanchathram railway station. Source- indianrailinfo

I was about to turn 18 when I walked into my first year classroom in 2011. I thought it was the end of my long wait to witness a moving train. I asked my classmate who was from the same town of my college about the railway station. His answer was not something I had expected would hear. He said “There is no train running in this root as of now. Work of converting the lane from metre gauge into broad gauge is underway!” Literally, this was the very moment I started to hate the college! I cursed my own fate for ending up in a place where even the dust of the train couldn’t be spotted! Days rolled on and I suddenly reached the second year of my UG! Now it is 19 years of wait and still the train remained a mere dream to me!

It was then that I suddenly heard this happy news for which I was longing all those years. The work has been completed and a train will start its service from this particular date and time. Mr. railway minister will flag off the train from this particular station’. What to say!? I’m still searching for a proper word to express my happiness. Literaly I didn’t sleep the whole night before the morning the train got launched. Now I can proudly say that I was the one among those first commuters who had travelled between Oddanchathram and Palani in tthe train launched after a long hiatus!

It is am usual sight in india that trains will be stopped like this in emergency situations. Image Source- ruralindiaonline

You can find the soul of a country by a train journey…

After that special occasion I became a frequent visitor of indian railways. To this date I prefer trains to any other transporatation medium whenever possible. Over these years I have met a wide range of people from various walks of lives during my train travels. A mix of culture is what makes the travel through trains unique. Peasent, Marchent, Farmer, doctor, Engineer, Man, Women, Children, Butcher, Priest, thieve, Ruckster, Gambler……. You can find all sorts of people there. You can take part in their conversations. There is almost nothing left in the universe that is not being discussed in such a premise.

By and large, the rail lanes are entrenched in far off places to avoid traffick congestion. Due to this, almost every sights the windows of a train offer are rural in nature. The life of peasents can be experienced through the gaps of the windows. A gentle breeze passing by mildly knocking your hair, far-flung paddy lands moving opposite to you and children waving their hands! What better ways other than train journeys to dwelve deeply into the soul of a nation? I would reiterate. There is none!

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Are we born to work?

Are we born to work?

Recently when I was surfing through Quora I got to know the term Stanford Duck Syndrome. It is a term coined after the lifestyle of students in Stanford University. It represents the workaholic students who may seem to be happy in the surface but are working their butts out beneath. In fact it is said that most of them are sleep deprived and prefer to work 24 hours a day! They want to stand out of the crowd. In the website of Stanford University it is showed that they have 19 Nobel laureates in their faculty members. One can easily figure out the stress the aspirants have to undergo! I never in my life slept under 6 hours. I can’t imagine a life having no sleep!

Many graduates from the university secretly admit that they don’t like to be in such a stressful lifestyle. But they find it very hard to get rid of the custom they are used to. It indeed is difficult. We are all working somewhere and on something to construct our lives . In the course we often forget to live our actual lives.


At some times I think as though we humans are here in this planet for the sake of working. No other creature has to work like human in order to make their ends meet. We have categorized ourselves based on the the work we do. In fact the very base of disparity lies in the various works we are associated with. Then there seems no fault in my aforementioned thinking. Our lives are very stereotypical. We are born, We study, We work, We marry, We work, We die! Even the ones who ask us to think and do differently go through the same too!

In a newspaper bulletin I had read few days back it was written that the Japanese are very workaholic and hence the government asks them to refrain from doing work for long hours. Working for long hours causes a lot of health issues which in turns  affects the productivity collectively.

One must work hard to earn his bread…

I don’t think it necessary to work hard as long as you have enough to lead your life. But we as humans will never tend to be idle. We will always be doing something. We have some societal responses to fulfill. Even if you are a free bird, eventually you will find it out that a life having no responsibility to is a boring concept. But one shouldn’t make the work their priority above all. We have our lives and its happiness which needs to be given more importance.

A healthy body and mind is what the precious earnings one can have. Any amount of money that costs this earning is futile. I have no different opinion in it that the working culture is a man made concept and has its own advantage in our society. But too much of anything is a harm. Living our lives to its fullest requires something beyond what you make through that fat cheque!

Find some free time, Enjoy your life. Written by me,


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