With the onset of HF20 in October last year, users are allowed to claim account tickets for their future use. This way, one can claim account tickets at the expense of their own resource credits which can then be used in the future to create new accounts without having to pay any additional fees. A few days back, I had claimed an account by using a fee of 3 steems. Back then I didn’t have enough steem power to do the same by using RC. In the last week, I powered up my account by over 1000 SPs and bought some delegations from @blocktrades (Very expensive!) which have made me a minnnow with over 4.8k steem power. Now that i have enough steem power to claim an account. Today I tried and succeeded in doing the same.

screenshot of my transaction being broadcasted.

Although there exists so many ways to claim an account ticket the most user-friendly one is doing it through steemworld.org. The interface provides an option to claim account either through RC ar steems which is fixed at 3steems. The unused RC’s can then be converted into useful account tickets. This transaction is expensive that my RC went down from 100% to 10% in no time!

steemd statistics showing my reduced RC

RCs are renewable just like one’s VP at the rate of 20% per day. Which means that to claim another account ticket it will take me 4 more days. If you have many account tickets, they can be used to onboard your friends or relatives into steemblockchain without having to have any wait or spending money. The data of how many accounts one can create can be seen in steemd.com. Pending claimed account is the section where one can find this data.

steemd data showing my pending claimed account!

If you have a claimed account ticket, which can be used to create a new account with the help of steemworld, steemconnect, steeminvite or even python scripts if you are good at it!

Almost all Dapps make the use of this function to onboard masses into blockchain in the future. Many have even started to give out free accounts to their users. If you have unused RC which meets the criteria to claim an account, please be aware of it and do utilize it!

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