Stock Market, Cryptos- Everything on bearish! Can commodity become the saviour?

Stock Market, Cryptos- Everything on bearish! Can commodity become the saviour?

In India, Sensex and NIFTY have been in demonstration of huge loss for past 3 days. Experts suggest not to buy stocks at this juncture as the market seems clearly to be in heavy selling mode. Funds of investors which are in billions have been wiped out in the rally in no time! Crypto markets are of no solace either as they show no sign of steady bullish trend for a lengthy time frame now. It for sure gives nothing to cherish for investors who have greately invested their hard earned money and time!

At the same time, the only asset type that kept on sowing hopes for a long time was commodity trading. However, the trend of last few days shows a mericiless reduction in their value as well. Today’s crude oil price is down by nearly 0.18%. Only palpable upward trend is on bullions and some agricultural commodities. However, some commodities such as cardamom can’t be believed for their consistency as their value show a high fluctation in a low timeframe that could be equated to that of cryptos. As of now the price of cardamom is over 3100 INR which an year ago was just 600-800 INR. Its high fluctuation places it in a good position for speculation market. In my opinion, its value is all set to decrease in a few months as the production is gonna increase like never before owing to good climatic conditions in south india!

In a week, my portfolio in stock market shows a significant decrement of over 5.5% which is clearly not something to be glad about. Yet as an investor I learnt that fundamentlly it is not good to act solely upon emotions. This kind of markets work purely on human emotions, though! I’m holding them tight just like what I do with cryptos to see them touching the moon one day

A number of technical anaysts in this regard points out that the golobal market is going to face a critical downfall of over 20% which will result in a recession just like what had happened in 2008. Some go through the charts and repeats the words- “It is time that changes, people do not change!”. In their opinion 2019 lies in a 90 year repeating cycle when the market is gonna go through self correction to wipe out a lot of hard earned money of investors! Though I won’t fully buy their viewpoint it is important to learn to scientifically analyse ther market on our own.

This is just another learning curve where we get to know a lot of things to correct our rationality! As the answer to the question I have raised in the caption of this article, my suggestion would be to keep an eye on commodities such as gold as they are bound to give you good returns if you are to play a long term game!

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