Still a long way to go before I reach somewhere… But it’s nothing impossible I strongly believe!

Still a long way to go before I reach somewhere… But it’s nothing impossible I strongly believe!

Every living being got a different story to tell, a different history to reveal. It would be logically incorrect if I don’t take non-living things into consideration here. In fact, they got more stories to tell, more history to reveal that we the living organisms altogether never can! That small stone that you never give a shit upon, the very soil you often hesitate to touch your barefoot with and each and every non-living thing you come across on a daily basis carry a history that invariably dates back to millions if not billions of years!

The inability of these lifeless beings to document what they have witnessed and gone through all these years is a massive loss for us as humans. Unravelling this undocumented history is where every kind of scientific branches as we perceive them today took their birth on.

I don’t prefer repeating the same mistakes my predecessors had once committed. I want my life to be documented. I want every bit of it to be celebrated. In short, I’m well aware of my niche in this vast planet. I want my nothingness, ie my life, not to go unnoticed!

The long-lasting struggle of finding the better version of me!

The boy standing in this picture who carries something in his hands is none other than myself. It was in the year 2005, I was in 6th grade then. This photo was taken during my school annual day celebration wherein I was conferred with the prize of the most studious student in that class. I had outperformed almost all my classmates in academic brilliance and had become a role model for teachers to ask other students to emulate from. The flatterings that I had almost perpetually used to receive are still poignantly reverberating in my ears as if they were on yesterday!

It wasn’t at all surprising, for it used to be almost impossible for anyone to exclude this incident relating it to ‘Happens sporadically!” Because, Invariably, the same scene repeated in almost every single year of my entire schooling life of 12 years! I earned a good name among my friend and family circles!

Ironically, the boy who had once been treated as the synonym of brilliance had started realizing his ‘nothingness’.

I was a frog in the well who had blindly been celebrated by a bunch of such similar frogs sharing same parochial mindset!

Once out, I gradually started realizing the existence of actual brilliance staring at me from every nook and corner of wherever I go. Literally, the life skills and knowledge I had possessed had played no role in raising me up whenever I needed to!

Making myself a better version of my previous self is the only job I for sure enjoy the most. In that sense I consider myself to be a person having the level of knowledge a typical high school student has!

I’m an ardent follower of the principle ‘Only sky is the limit’. Unfortunately, I’m a little worried that I have wasted hell a lot of the precious years of my life going behind the ritual of getting the so-called formal education. So now I’m fully aware that to make that principle really happen in my life I have to set out to run an extra mile or more!

Yet I’m optimistic

Whenever I feel down, I always have a look at this photo which is from my nursery school. I was just 4 year old then. I knew nothing and started my learning process right from there. If I could then, why can’t now?

I’m exactly aware of the depth of the situation as to where to begin. I have set out to learn everything from the scratch. Improving English, undergoing typing class and beginning to study a new programming language….. I hope and am sure that I will achieve them all within a span of not more than a couple of years.

And what about you? Do you have plans to learn something from scratch? Leave it under the comment section over here.

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