Stepping into a new milestone- Here’s what I’ve learnt as a new stock market trader!

Stepping into a new milestone- Here’s what I’ve learnt as a new stock market trader!

It’s been an year now since I got into the risky market place of cryptos. During this period I have witnessed high volatility in action. One day I lost over 70% of my investment in a matter of few minutes. It was obviously a horrible experience to count upon. On the other hand, I had also experienced the sweetness of funds getting multipled by two fold or even three fold, that too in a very short time frame! Having said this I’m nowhere near calling myself an expert investor. It would be perfect to say I’m a shallow investor who hasn’t discovered the depths of trading yet. I a lot of things that many of the common people don’t know though!

Off late, I started learning about the age old risky yet lucrative trading method- STOCK MARKET! people call it share market as it basically involves the purchasing and selling of shares of companies of our choice. It’s been a month since a particular video about share market appeared on my youtube home page. It changed my perception about share market altogether. Previously I held that share market is full of risks and people are rushing there only to lose their hard earned money. This perception along with many real life stories I had come across made me believe that putting money on share market is something that has to be stayed away with. Now after going through an immense study of over a month, i’m in a position to experiment it.

I’ve just started investing on cryptos. As a beginning I invested nearly thousand USD into the market. It was indeed an interesting as well as time consuming task to identify best companies to bet my hard money with. In day 1, ie today, my shares experienced a mixed emotions. Many of my shares gave me loses whereas the remaining part gave me good profits. As a result, my portfolio stood at a small profit.

It in fact is thrilling to be in the trading realm. I’m getting to know a lot of events happening in the world which otherwise I wouldn’t give any fuck. Being in cryptos I don’t see stocks as a highly volatile asset set. In cryptos you can’t predict anything. The stock market comes with the power of predictability. I hope in the long run I can reap some rewards!

Keep trading!

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