The Indian state of Kerala which I belong to is now going through a difficult situation caused by an unprecedented flood. More than 300 people have been killed so far and 1000s have been isolated. Government forces and NGOS along with local people are trying hard to rescue those who stranded in various nooks and corners of the state. But the bad weather condition increasingly prevents them from extending their helping hands. On the other hand, people are about die of hunger and thirst!

Electricity, Mobile networks and transportation have been cut in majority of the places and most of them are in complete isolation. It is feared that the actual death toll is much higher than what we were able to trace until now and again, it will take few more days for the rain to recede. In particular, the condition of low lying areas is highly devastating that even 3 storied buildings have been submerged under the water.

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Kerala has’t witnessed anything such as this catastrophe in its entire history of existence. Even the much talked about flood here in 1924 wasn’t as catastrophic as the current one. It’s been 10 days since the shutters of around 35 dams were opened owing to heavy rainfall in their catchment area, which in turns has swollen all the rivers in their way to arabian sea. The narrow river Periyar is now flowing with a whopping width of over 7 kilometres diminishing everything on its path. Since such a calamity is entirely new to this region, we were unprepared which added to the diemma.

My condition– Since I came to Bihar a couple of weeks back, I have fortunately escaped from being exposed to the severe condition in Kerala. And, back in my home all are safe expect for being isolated. Our home is located in a hilly area of Idukki district. So, even though the rain doesn’t seems to subside any soon, my family members are completely safe.

However, all other parts of Kerala are in big danger. Roughly, a loss of worth of over 200 Billion indian rupees has been estimated so far and thousands are living in relief camps. They lost their hard earned assets and many lost their dear ones. Countless number of people are waiting for help in isolated areas without even having access to food or water for past 3 days!

As human beings, it is our duty to help our co-beings in all possible ways. I have been doing my level best to co-ordinate things in Kerala with the help of internet and mobile phone( I’m almost 3000Km away from my home!) All my friends are working sleeplessly to do everything possible by them. Even my brother @santhoshsankar is completely involved in the rescue works. He has been riding his auto-rickshaw free of cost for the past one week! Financial condition of every household in the state is rapidly declining. For many, things are out of control!

To those who are reading this on steemit, please do consider helping us rebuild our state. Many are helpless. They have lost their dreams. Looking for food and water..Struggling for life…

In case you are willing to do something, please click on the following links and contribute to the relief funds officially collected by the government-

Donate to Chief Minister’s relief fund-¬†

People in the US can donate through FB-

Even though it would be meagre, I will be donating every liquid steem I have with me along with what I will earn from this post to the official relief fund.


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