5th of August 2019, the date on which I’m writing this article, will go down as one of the most important dates in the history of india as it brings about the implementation of an unexpected law. From this afternoon, Jammu and Kashmir, the northernmost state of Indian union has lost its special status and has been divided into two seperate union territories, namely Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir!

This news came as a shock for many as such an event never had a place even in the wildest of their dreams! my case is no different. This time around I’m remembering one my friends from kashmir whom I had met through steemit, @kamesh. Here through this post I would like to analyse what possible happenings can take place as the aftermath of this sudden enforecement.

Article 370 and 35a

If you are unfamiliar with these articles let me take you through a glance at these special articles of Indian Constitution. These articles are in fact temporary in nature which were meant to be scrapped once the state of J&K formed its own constitution. However, india had to wait for long, like over 70 years, to finally come to the decision of revoking this article. Some interesting provisions which are mentioned in these articles include –

  • The state of Jammu and Kashmir can have its own flag, national anthem and constituition.
  • The residents of J&K can buy and own land anywhere from the rest of the India. Whereas, people from outside of this state can never own a land in this state! Quite interesting nah..?
  • No law which is in prevalance in the mainland of India is not applicable for the residence of this part of the country! They have their own laws.
  • You can disrespect indian flag and national anthem at your will if you are a resident of Jammu and Kashmir!
  • Even searching for a life partner from J&K was restrained by law because of these special provisions!

Now that these provisions that consistently embarrassed the indian government and used to be an active menace for the solidarity of indian union have been scrapped with a presidential note on the same! While the discussion over whether this decision taken by the government was good or bad is on full swing, I would like to record my opinions over this same.

To know the banes and boons of the revoked provisions one must know the history of India atleast from its bifurcation into India and Pakistan. In 1947 when India got Independence along with Pakistan, there were over 600 small countries which were advised by the british to take any of the three decisions-

  1. To join India, which is a Hindu majority region.
  2. To join Pakistan, a muslim state.
  3. Or else don’t join either of thes large states and contiue to be a sovereign small nation.

While most of the provinces joined either of these countries, three provinces including Jammu and Kashmir expressed their desire of not joining any of these states. J&K was a muslim majority region administered by a Hindu king. People started to riot with the backing of Pakistan to join the state of Pakistan, a move that didn’t entertain the king. He sought the help of India to overcome this emergency situation at the cost of agreeing to joining indian union!

It is from this point that the problems began to show off. It still continues to be the battle field due to the presence of a population that still doesn’t want to continue in india. With a quick and unprecedented decision the indian government has proved that it is capable of doing anything at its will.

Current situation in Kashmir

Pangong Tso lake- from Pixabay

Current situation in Kashmir is not so pleasent. A curfew has been annnounced and the entire state is isolated. Communication has been cut off and a lot of army troops are sent to the place. People are cut off from the rest of the world as the government expects a potential breakout of riot against this unexpected decision.

I’m in no postion to make a decision as to wheter it is right or wrong. But from what I understand I think that this move was a great step towards achieving piece in the region. We can expect a lot of opposition showing up against this move as was the case with every progressive movements!

In the long run I’m optimistic about some great developments happening in the region and this state being an integral part of our country. I’m of the view that the ever growing battle between India and Pakistan should soon come to an end.

I expect the piece!

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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