New version of wordpress is now out- Try out the brand new wordpress 5.0!

New version of wordpress is now out- Try out the brand new wordpress 5.0!

If you have ever been to the realm of blogging, that too on wordpress, no doubt you are well versed with this kind of terms. It’s been a while now since wordpress provided their last update. As a new user into the world of blogging, I started my career with the immediate previous version of the current one which I think most of you who read are still using. Don’t you want to see a change? Who doesn’t want it, right? Here comes the new version of it exclusively tailored for those who are really into blogging!

As I said before, I’m using this platform for quite a while now, 8 months to be precise. In fact, the motive behind me starting this blog was completely monitary gain. But how far I achieved my goal through this website is a matter of rethinking as I haven’t made much money because I have always been inert in the entire life of this blog. Needn’t mention I failed to satisfy the google adsense to get an account!

Coming back to out topic of discussion here, wordpress has relesed their new version which is 5.0, which makes the lives of many ardent bloggers way easy. It comes up with a brand new editor which makes your writing really hassle-free!

The picture you see above is the screenshot I took just after upgrading my site. If you closely look at this editor, you can see a lot of differences in the very first outlook.  Not only in the outlook, but also in functionalities the new editor is quite exuqitsite!

In this new editor, you don’t have to go through multiple steps to add an image. There is a new option called blocks available on the left top corner which helps you easily add pictures and any kind of multimedia files for that matter without having to leave the editor.

I would like to rate this editor with a full mark of 5/5 which I think is really apt. I hope that you all @steempress users will surely love to see this new update. It is time to update. Rush there and press on that update button!

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