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You and I are bound to get older one day. Wrinkles will start to appear, Physical strength will dwindle, We will tend to forget every little things of our day to day life! We are bound to become an onus to those who may look after us in those days!

I wonder how the time flies like anything, I remember the days when I was just a 4 year old as if it was yesterday. Days, weeks, months, Years, decades… everything move rapidly in the wink of an eye . We are bound to get older!

I was fortunate enough to see my grandma’s mother( ie, The mother of my mother’s mother). She was alive until I was 21. She could have witnessed another generation had I married at 19 or 20 and produced a child. But in India it is illegal to marry in that age if we are boys.

I was unlucky because I couldn’t see my grandfathers as either of them had died much before I was born. All that I can remember is about my only grandmother( who is my mother’s mother; I haven’t seen my father’s mother) who is still living with us. I always used to be with my grandmother during my childhood days as i liked her storytelling very much.

Even in these days she is continuing to be a good friend of mine. I share everything including steemit with her. In fact I had posted about her twice before. She is supportive of me in everything that I do!

Struggles of senior Citizens

The other day I watched a Tamil movie in which the condition of elderly persons was portrayed extra-ordinarily. Many who are widowed in their old age have to undergo a lot of  struggles when they are left with mere memories of their spouses. Some find it hard to live on this earth at first but eventually cope with the changing circumstances.

And some others choose to live alone or seek asylum in old age home. Their super busy children find it difficult to look after their parents. Life is like that!

Some crave for death, some go after euthanasia. Some commit suicide! And some live happily!

I hope my later days would be…

Put it simply, I wish my life as a grandfather to be a blissful experience. I don’t want to lament over the actions of my off springs. For that I have to do a lot throughout my life!

Even stronger, I want to set a good example to my children and grandchildren the same way my grandmother did to us!

In the end, I want to be known as a good human who has done whatever he could for the well-being of humanity and the life around him.

So have you started to Imagine the life that awaits you after 40 year by now? Where do you see yourself then?

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