Many a times I used to contemplate over this question of perfect age to get married. I have been asked the same by a bulk of my companions to which my answers always used to vary. Now I thought of writing my heart out through this blog which might be helpful for many out there who are struggling to form an opinion on this matter. This blog is also going to be a kind of review of my own married life of over one and half months!

I got married at the age of 25(Which is my current age) which is regarded as too early at some parts of the world whereas it is percieved to be too late an age to get married at my part of the world. It is really hard to form an opinion purely based on what your culture has to say. While taking a lifechanging decision such as getting married, one has to be highly consious and should take a number of things into account before proceeding. Even the decision of whether to marry or not should also be a personal affair!

1. Biological and psychological factors.

This is of utmost important as at the end of the day you are joining together in the name of marriage to produce offsprings and raise them up. At a young age you will be sexually very active and will have the curiosity to know the depths of opposite sex. However, as you grow older you will lack enthusiasm over the opposite sex and chances are very high that you will end up being sexually inactive which is biologically frowned upon!(And that is the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory!)

Second aspect here is the level of your maturity. With age comes some sort of maturity as the experiences you had in the years contributes greatly towards it. However, waiting long enough to become mature enough to get married is not a good idea as your biological aspects are in depletion. So it is important to find an age which satisfies both the conditions. That is, the person should be sexually very active as well as he/she shoul have a good maturity level.

In my opinion this perfect age lies anywhere between 23 to 30. And where do you find yourself?

2. Social and economical aspects

This factor is of great importance as it is the main thing that prevents many from getting married. It appears that as the time goes by girls and boys expect the best in the world to be their partner. Girls want boys to be placed in highly paying jobs, and boys expect girls to be the figure they see in the hollywood movies, they are expected to be picture perfect! Both these aspects are controlled by cultural and social values. Despite being highly educated, people never follow the rationality behind choosing a life partner. They follow what the society has to say!

However, economical factor is inevitable for the smooth running of a family and this burden has to be shared by both parties involved. I recommend that both boy and girl should have finished basic education and must be capable of leading their own life without having to depend on others!

3. Perfect chemistry!

I know from my experience that it is highy impractical to find someone who would be the so called soul mate. in fact, it is higly unlikely that two persons living on planet earth will have the same mindset and thinking. This ‘perfect chemistry between couple’ thing will seldom happen because no two people can be the same. In my case, me and my life partner are light years apart at many things. But the understanding that both are different and one cannot be the another will help you lead a happy life!Another

In the book named ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ it is clearly mentioned that man and women can never have same thought process, because they are designed that way. There wouldn’t be any thrill in the life if you share many things in common. However, if you and your life partner are good at two different fields you can enjoy the activities of the other person!

As an end note I would like to say that the marriage is a personal affair. You can do great things to humanity even as being an unmarried individual. But if you really want to take part in the biological process of multiplication without harming others you must go for marriage! Analyse yourself for your current level and take a better decision!

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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