last week I was approached by a few people to join them in a job named Multi-Level Marketing for the famous company they were representing for. Without giving time to a second thought I said a big ‘NO’. But they were not the ones who would leave me alone. They talked for next 3 hours and in the end, made me say a big ‘OK’. I had no other options with me to end the conversation.

My refusal was because I had heard about such get-rich-quick schemes before as well. In my village, there are hundreds of people who got cheated by such ponzy schemes not too long ago. Anything which has a monetary gain associated with it is more than enough to attract the flocks into it. People working in this realm were taking advantage of the illiterate majority living in my place. Native people lacked the actual understanding of this concept and ended up losing their money and time.

These horrible stories had curbed my brain from learning more about multi level markrting. I always thought that MLM is a fraud  thing and is a good way to loot others hard earned money! It was only on yesterday that I gave some attention to study the actuality these things. I went through innumerous contents on internet. I read a lot of quora ansewers, watched  lot of youtube videos and consulted successful people associated to this field. My conclusion is that Multi level Marketing is not a poncy scheme as I thought before. Infact, it is a proven business model that still is in use in many countries including developed ones.


Multi Level marketing is entirely different from most of the marketing startegies that we know. In this type of marketing, large part of profit is distributed among customers. Cost needed to advertise the product and middlemen are cut here. Consumers are the distributors and they get a reasonable earnings for proliferating the products of the company they are working for.

There were no good regulations existed in india on this type of marketing. Initially, governments had even discouraged Multi Level Marketing saying these are fakes. But recently government layed a red carpet and recognised those who work in this field as workers. I’m still in the learning curve though I know MLM is a genuine thing. Anyway, MLM is alegit thing in India and in many countries.

Will be sharing more about this on my upcomig blogs.

What are your opinions?

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