I know, this platform is global in nature and talks are supposed to be in accordance with global interests to catch more atttention. But, I can’t keep mum with some serious matters concerning the state of a country which I belong to. According to the latest surveys, one in every six individual living on planet earth is an indian! We in population are second only next to china, and it is expected that in little less than 50 years we will become global leaders in that regards!. The peculiarity of indian population is that over 60% of its members come under the age group of 15-35! Yes, We are a young nation with an immense capacity to climb the ladder if only we get to see some efficiency in action in the activities of our political leadership!


We the people of India often feel undervalued when it comes to our representaion in global arena. India has been a member of United Nations ever since its commencement in the year 1945. In other words, india can be referred to as a founding member of this global union. But the fact that India is still denied a permenent membership alongside US, UK, France, Russia and China in UN security council is something the world has to look into more seriously.

In ever changing global power equation obviously our country is going to play a major role in the near future. Anticipating this fact, many countries that the india holds a good relation with have raised their voices to support in its endeavor to ensure a place in the security council. But still there are many countries ncluding some current permenent members, don’t want to see india playing a decision making role in a pan-global scale.

I feel that it is high time the world should recognise india and its current and future positions to make appropriate changes in the security council to fit India into it. By doing so, it is not only indians that are goinng to benfit, but also the entire world which will benefit from its proven wise decision making ability!

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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