I would like to introduce myself as an Atheist, which is a by-product of my way of living- Rationalism. The fact that I don’t believe in God is not unknown to many who have got acquainted with me over the years. When I first expressed my disbelief in god with my family members, they vehemently got into argument saying eventually I will be isolated from the society if I go ahead with such a bad decision. And more than that all their fears were about me embarking on my journey to the hell after my death! HAHA.I broke into an unstoppable laughter. Dude, I don’t believe in the life after death in the first place!

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A couple of days back, I and @bala41288 got into an argument on the applicability of traditional values in this new world(I hope he reads this!). I argued that most of what have been written in the ancient scriptures are bullshits. Whether it is Mahabharatha or Ramayana, almost the entire stories written over there are irrational. The case is similar when it comes to the stories of Bible as well as the Quran. Referring those old scripts in search of solutions for the new day problems is nothing but utter foolishness.

Here in India, the land known for its unscrupulous mythology, living with the badge of an atheist is a toughest task one can undergo. I am well aware of the fact that there are tens and tens of other countries, that are way more conservative than what I could ever think of, in which no options are left with their citizens other than to abide by the national religious laws. In that sense, We indians are fortunate enough that here we have no legal block stones exist against practising and preaching the religion that we are believing in. In fact, Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution. Article 25 of the Indian Constitution says.

25. Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion

(1) Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion

(2) Nothing in this article shall affect the operation of any existing law or prevent the State from making any law

(a) regulating or restricting any economic, financial, political or other secular activity which may be associated with religious practice;
(b) providing for social welfare and reform or the throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of a public character to all classes and sections of Hindus Explanation I The wearing and carrying of kirpans shall be deemed to be included in the profession of the Sikh religion Explanation II In sub clause (b) of clause reference to Hindus shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikh, Jaina or Buddhist religion, and the reference to Hindu religious institutions shall be construed accordingly
Even though the freedom of practising any doctrine that we are interested in has been guaranteed by the constitution, it still remains a theoretical concept as the religion is a deep-rooted plague in the hearts of billions. In reality, there are not many who brave to deviate from the traditional path they are following since a sense of fear is attached deep inside their brains. Luckily, I have overcome that stage long before and nowadays, any talk related to religion seems to me to be a waste of time. Including this post, Because there is no GOD!
I call my country the land of superstitions as I’m a part of its dust and wind for more than two decades now. I have seen that all; From denying the right of women in the name of culture to curbing the financial growth of a businessman in the name of religion and astrology. I have a myriads of points to show to back my claims. If I do, this post might never end!

My experience as an Atheist..

The word Atheism does narrows the idea that I actually represent. Infact, I always prefer to identify myself as a rationalist.

It is not an easy thing to rival the society collectively since it attracts tons of enemies. The news that read about the assassination of a number of athiests was doing its rounds not too long ago. We as a minority get isolated.

There are many things to share. I will make it another post…

(Stay tune. Will be continued….)

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