I’m a 90’s kid. These things brings me back to my childhood!

I’m a 90’s kid. These things brings me back to my childhood!

I was born in the later part of the year 1993. So, my actual childhood lies in the early and mid 2000’s. I’m a 90’s kid. Welcome to the world of a 90s kid!

The other day I happened to read a post on steemit wherein the author had relived his childhood by sharing something that he had been fond of as a child. There are so many interesting stuffs attached deep inside our brain that on sensing would bring us back to our childhood in no time. Here I would like to share some such things with you.

The very first thing that comes to my mind when I go back in time is this stupendous tune of All India Radio. Back then the only means of entertainment that we had in our home was this Radio. I still remember as if it was on yesterday the ‘Vande Mataram’ song which used to be played in our home every day sharply at 5.50 AM. Right before it was this soothing music which now on hearing gives me a sense of ‘lost something’!


The only widespread TV channel at that time was DD National. in India you would get this channel just by using a small antenna made of some metals and connecting that to your TV. Though I never heard the montage of this channel in the 80’s, this old montage gives me goosebumps! Not to mention the one which was there throughout my childhood. I’m adding both those links here.


And this was there throughout my childhood.


This is just about the entertainment part. I have not added many things that I should hve on this post. Will do a detailed one soon. Life was so colorful then. I really really miss those days!

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