How many of us still remember high school maths?

How many of us still remember high school maths?

Couple days back I happened to read an article on my FB feed which had discussed the plight of a mathematical professor on calculating day to day simple mathematical problems. I was really amazed at learning its validity in our real life. Next time if you happen to come across a mathematical professor in a college and find him to be incompetent in solving simple mathematical problems, don’t be surprised. It in fact does not indicate his/her incapability, but it points out his long forgotten fundamentals in basic mathematics. He is used to slove different levels of mathematics.

As a teacher who handles maths as a subject in hig school, it is inevitable that I should have a good grasp at everything about the fundamentals of mathematics. However, when I had joined the school as teacher things were not at all easy. I had to struggle a lot even to get used to LCM and HCF. I was not using both of them from ages!

Although the concepts are very simple and we can get back on the track in a matter of few minutes, many of us are likely to feel difficulty looking at them. Literally, one important aspect we are asked to go to school atleast till high school is that we must be familiar with all fundamentall things. Lion’s share of us have high degrees but will fumble when it comes to solving a very simple mathematical problem.

Don’t you think that revision is important as it can help us excel at our day to day life?

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