The verdict is kept safe inside EVMs. The entire world is watching closely into the result day. What do we the people of india who have utilized our right to vote think about this result. Here is my account as an Indian.

India is known for being the largest democracy in the world. Participation of nearly 1 billion people to choose their representatives is unheard of in any other part of the world. The process of election itself is a humongous task consuming a lot of energy in the form of time, toil and money. needless to say, handling with such a large number while counting votes is gonna be a tedious task! However, election commision has arranged everything possible to make the process smooth and neat. Unlike last time, this time around we expect live updates from election commission to be hassle free.

I remember how it all went in the last year. I was in my final year of college and had semester holidays during the time of result. I as a curious lad, had spent the whole day infront of television watching live updates. As we were/are using prasar bharathi’s free DD Direct plus DTH, we have no other way but to rely on Doordarshan channels which are notorious for their lagging far behind private channels. If i’m right the DD announced the final result hours after all other channels did so!

The main reason why DD is lagging behind othe channels is it follows official website of election commmission which was slow as a tortoil. This morning I happened to watch the interview of chief election commissioner. If we were to believe him, we can expect a more faster live updates from elction commissions part.

They have launched a mobile app which can be downloaded from playstore. In anyways, it is final results that is more important. We expect to see a good government in the end of the day!


Sathya Sankar

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