Crypto markets on full swing. Make wise decisions!

Crypto markets on full swing. Make wise decisions!

For the past two days crypto markets have been on full swing. We have witnessed prices touching near the moon and fumbling down in no time. Many investors have made a lot of wealth and those investors whose movements are purely based on emotional wave suffered immense loss like never before! I have became a part of this special condition by investing some bucks into the market.

The other day I invested over 270 usd to buy litecoin(LTC) and was really fortunate enough to enjoy a good profit in a matter of few hours. I rightly sold it when the price was yesterday’s high. It is thrilling to see this kind of volatility in action. At the same time we shouldn’t forget the fact that when you make a profit there is someone else who is losing his money in the same proportion as your profit. It is he today and can be you tommorrow!

From what I have consumed from internet so far it is evident that it would be better always to play safe. Though the speculated gain always seems lucrative, we must never forget the same risk level which is there in action. Always be prepared to lose a part of your money. On other words, invest whatever money you can afford to lose. And if you ever get a chance to enjoy the profit in a given day, convert some of your assets into fiat so that it would assure you playing safe.

Off late, I have also begun putting my hands on stock market. I recieved my Dmat and Trading accounts the other day and started learning about that space more curiously. The speciality of share market irrespective of its complexity is that it is legal. You can make really good profit if you are good at analysing. There are risks too! But in my as well as general opinion the risk and volatility level in this space is comparitvely less with respect to crypto space!

In short, you are free to make money in whatever way you are pleased. Be cautious on making your decisions. If they are really wise you will be admired by others, or else you will be yet another loser!

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