We all want to attain financial freedom. Perhaps that’s the only reason why many of us do even lead our lives. We dream of it, struggle for it and do everything possible for it at least to see we have touched that level. But a large majority of those individual toils are meant to go in vain! The only reason being we are moving along the same paths which our predecessors have told us to move through! We work our butts off as if we are donkeys and achieve almost everything but financial independence!

What exactly does the word financial independence/freedom mean?

The answer you have with you to this specific question itself is enough for me or anyone else for that matter, to understand the kind of life you are leading presently!

Some might say, getting a good job is the ultimate meaning of attaining financial freedom. For some, having own business will do good. But are these explanations enough?

‘Financial independence’ is a complex term that requires a great deal of broad thinking for its understanding. The beauty is that not everybody can understand that word and hence not everybody is going to attain the goal. If you fall in the realm of the minor segment that understands the concept, then I can assure there is no stopping you!

If the financial sources you have been depending upon are invariably able to generate income for you even while you are out of the station, then I’m sure you are enjoying the status of financial freedom. It is a kind of lifestyle where you never wanna struggle or crave for cash. The money will never be your primary concern. Rather you would be living your life focusing on things that really matter to you. In short, you would be enjoying every bit of it!

I know that in the era of unemployability where millions and millions of our young people are roaming along the streets, frustrated,  the real meaning of financial freedom that I have just pointed out may seem to be a bit harsh and mockable. But don’t hesitate to admit that the reality always prefers the bitter taste! The life we have been accustomed to has an unexplored side too! Your perseverance towards unlocking it where lies the richness of your life!

Investment is the best option to attain financial freedom…..

When I say it I do really mean it. We are designed to pass through this planet only once which makes our life highly volatile which is the case similar with every cryptocurrencies that exist today. If you want to get rich in a definite time, only limited ways are available out there. Lemme caution you, most of those ways are powerful enough to lead you to lifelong imprisonment; be careful!

As normal human beings having great desire to lead a mediocre life, most of us tend to say OK to whatever job or role that comes in our way. There is no decrease in flow that, still, millions can be spotted spending their precious 20’s preparing for competitive exams and such kinds anticipating a good future and financial security! Unfortunately, more than 80% of those energetic youth don’t realize that they are simply wasting their time and money only to see a negative result!

Having said that all you may ask me then what is the best legal way to attain financial freedom? To put it bluntly, having your own business and investing your money hence earned in some get rich quick schemes are the only two ways to attain the goal of financial freedom!

get rich quick schemes are deceptive in nature which most probably will lead you to ultimate devastation unless you pay much attention on learning thoroughly about them. Investment you make on cryptocurrency and trademarket can be categorized into this kind of schemes. They are not illegal and are fascinating! But come highly equipped with every tiny possibility to vanish your money to nothing!

Like our lives, these schemes also are highly volatile. Their plummeted values nowadays tend many to think twice before making any substantial decisions on investing on them. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget that the game we play with cryptocurrecy is of long term. Considering the various factors that can affect their values, I still haven’t lost the hope on them. Afterall, Bitcoin was such a shitcoin a few years back!

As a conclusion, although I’m not a financial adviser, I advice all those who want to lead a life full of financial freedom to invest on cryptos as their values are in lower side now. You will never regret!

Image source- Pixabay

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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