Believe me, Personal Development stuffs are fraudulent

Believe me, Personal Development stuffs are fraudulent

Is there anyone who reads this post who has never attended a personal development class yet? If you are such an exceptional person who hasn’t yet, then I salute you!

Nowadays, personal development is becoming a thriving Industry. People are stressed, depressed and searching for a way out. The so-called great motivational speakers and writers find a good niche and develop themselves instead.

There is no dearth of reasons for why people fall prey to depression. everyone has their own reasons for that. The newborn baby is depressed about not getting adequate milk at right time. School going toddlers have their own stories about their ongoing studies as reasons for their depression. Youngsters are worried about unemployability. Parents are worried about their children and their future.

In a nutshell, if you think you are in a critical situation and depressed, you are wrong. Everybody including the one you are going to share your emotions with is also depressed.


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Motivational speakers, as their name suggests,  are here to motivate you. Their words can bring in a sense of relief when you are in a trouble. It works in the same way that even the vicinity of someone carrying so much positivity with them can alleviate the intensity of the struggles you are going through. But whether the person you are confiding in really has some positivity is a debatable topic!

Thus, sensing the huge opportunities lying in this area, people started to throng in which resulted in ever-increasing frauds and fakes in the realm of personal development. Most of those who advocate self-growth are demotivated and uninformed. They are depressed themselves.

It was estimated that the personal development industry worth $9.9 Billion in 2016 in US alone. By 2022, the market’s value is expected to increase to a whopping $13.2 Billion. You can easily spot the niche here!

I would say don’t spend much money in the name of self-growth. If you are determined, no one can prevent you from achieving your goals. That’s why motivating yourself is suggested over anything else.

Over the years I have read too many articles, books and watched too many videos that intend to teach us how to grow ourselves as individuals. But nothing seemed helped me. If I aim at my growth, it is my own responsibility to take care of me; ie The key is with me. In the case of you, the key is with you!

Wishing everyone a blissful life.

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