Are we born to work?

Are we born to work?

Recently when I was surfing through Quora I got to know the term Stanford Duck Syndrome. It is a term coined after the lifestyle of students in Stanford University. It represents the workaholic students who may seem to be happy in the surface but are working their butts out beneath. In fact it is said that most of them are sleep deprived and prefer to work 24 hours a day! They want to stand out of the crowd. In the website of Stanford University it is showed that they have 19 Nobel laureates in their faculty members. One can easily figure out the stress the aspirants have to undergo! I never in my life slept under 6 hours. I can’t imagine a life having no sleep!

Many graduates from the university secretly admit that they don’t like to be in such a stressful lifestyle. But they find it very hard to get rid of the custom they are used to. It indeed is difficult. We are all working somewhere and on something to construct our lives . In the course we often forget to live our actual lives.


At some times I think as though we humans are here in this planet for the sake of working. No other creature has to work like human in order to make their ends meet. We have categorized ourselves based on the the work we do. In fact the very base of disparity lies in the various works we are associated with. Then there seems no fault in my aforementioned thinking. Our lives are very stereotypical. We are born, We study, We work, We marry, We work, We die! Even the ones who ask us to think and do differently go through the same too!

In a newspaper bulletin I had read few days back it was written that the Japanese are very workaholic and hence the government asks them to refrain from doing work for long hours. Working for long hours causes a lot of health issues which in turnsĀ  affects the productivity collectively.

One must work hard to earn his bread…

I don’t think it necessary to work hard as long as you have enough to lead your life. But we as humans will never tend to be idle. We will always be doing something. We have some societal responses to fulfill. Even if you are a free bird, eventually you will find it out that a life having no responsibility to is a boring concept. But one shouldn’t make the work their priority above all. We have our lives and its happiness which needs to be given more importance.

A healthy body and mind is what the precious earnings one can have. Any amount of money that costs this earning is futile. I have no different opinion in it that the working culture is a man made concept and has its own advantage in our society. But too much of anything is a harm. Living our lives to its fullest requires something beyond what you make through that fat cheque!

Find some free time, Enjoy your life. Written by me,


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