Aggressive behaviour of students.. Who is responsible?

Aggressive behaviour of students.. Who is responsible?

Today I happened to witness something that can be regarded as explicit demonstration of instinctual human trait. As the day represented the last day of class 10, students were very happy. Never in our wildest of dreams have we imagined that this last minutes of ecstasy would break out into moments of extremism. Some students in this class evolved themselves to become outright lawbreakers. Though the incident was quite enjoyable as a spectator, on the other hand it was a crime deserves to be punished. Let me explain the incident.

Today it was the last day of class 10. For the last 5 days, students from this class were writing pre-board exam and today’s one turned out to be the last among them. Out of excitement they broke out in the last period. Some girls became more aggressive and went to the extend of damaging the properties in the class. They started breaking desk and bench. Somehow, the teacher in charge in their class controlled this.

Many of my colleagues blamed them for being this primitive. However, I can’t accuse them alone for this incident. Multiple unseen factors must have been behind the seen. In fact, this incident reminded me of my own last day on school. I was more of such a kid. Towards the end of the class it is quite very common to observe that students will plan of vengeance to tackle their hitherto strict teachers and management.

They discuss about the activities to be carried out when they are about to bid adieu. Some students plan of making it memorable with a more pleasent approach. Whereas, provided the school was a strict, most of them will resort to the rudimentary options. The hunter gatherer state of mind will poke them on and they will even travel back in centuries.

As a kid have you ever been such aggressive? What was your that memorable activity that you did in your last day of school?

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