My name is Sathya Sankar and I come from the southern part of India. I have completed my degree in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, Tamilnadu. To brag a bit about me, I consider myself to be an avid learner who is interested in studying a wide range of topics. As a person who belongs to an agricultural family, I have developed a keen Interest towards farming over the years. Basically, I write about a wide range of topics from lifestyle to history to science.

As I mentioned earlier, I live in the southern part of my country, Kerala, which is widely known as God’s own country. Residing on top of Western Ghats, We cultivate cardamom, Pepper and a lot many other spices in the land we own.

These are the Images I took from our land. The first one shows my mother and grandmother harvesting cardamom and the second one shows the cardamom plant!

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Let’s keep going!