It’s been three months now since me and @ranjitha got married. Honestly speaking, I haven’t bought her anything worthwhile to this date as money happened to me to be a big concern all these days. Today, though was a working day, I was determined not to go to work and rather spend some quality time with my spouse! We set out in the morning to go to shopping in a town named ‘Jasidih’ which is located 36 km away from the place we currently live in. The breakfast was a bit late like 10’o clock in the morning and we had no better option available other than to savor chicken rice!

The chicken rice we had in the morning!

This shop was quite small in size and didn’t even have a fan for ventilation. This along with the overuse of chilli powder in the curry put us in a dilemma. It felt like adding insult to the injury and we had hard time pushing food down the oesophagus. We were sweltering like anything and finally gave up eating it. Frankly speaking, Such an incident never happened in my life before! I don’t understand how people run businesses without taking their customers into account!

The cooking area where the person is preparing food.
The shopkeeper didn’t respond to our complaint and was busy collecting the money. We paid for eating almost nothing!

After our unsuccessful attempt on finishing breakfast, we headed straight to find a private bus service which was operating between Katoria and Deoghar. We were allocated seats and allowed to sit in our places. However, we weren’t aware of the fact in advance that we had to wait for over 40 minutes inside that bus, thoroughly sweating, waiting for more passengers and as a last, the driver to come!

A view of inside of the bus!

As you can see here in the above picture, the bus was not well maintained. People were involved in different kinds of activities as per their wish. Due to the ongoing ‘Bolbum’ pilgrimage where people from all over this part of the North India carry the water from the river ganges to discharge it in Deoghar, the bus was filled with a few of them. They seemed to have turned a blind eye towards the comfort of their co passengers! But, it was quite an experience!

After a long travel of nearly 2 hours, we finally reached the destination. Our aim was to roam inside the big shopping mall located in Deoghar before purchasing the things we had pre-planned. I was relieved that the experience we had here was quite smooth and customer friendly. We spent nearly over 3 hours to scrutinize and select from the list of thousands if not 10ks of varieties of goods available there!

After settling the bill in the counter there in Big Bazaar, our next destination of visit was to have a good lunch. Though the street food at this place is pretty hygienic and of good quality, my wife was not impressed due to the experience she earned from the morning. Therefore, we went to a hotel located inside the mall which is Known for its expensive food items!

@ranjitha tasting chicken 65

Along with this food we also ordered onion masala dosas, something one can find mainly in the southern part of the India, and hardly in its northern part. We had these expensive dosas and chicken 65 without having to have any difficulties. Unlike in the morning, now it felt tasty and we had enough time to enjoy and savor the food.

That’s my wife waiting long for the dosa to come!

The day gifted us mixed feelings of good and bad but in the end of the day, it was the good feeling that won by a big margin! I strongly believe that the time we spend together always add to the quality part of our life. It teaches new things, makes us understand the importance of patience and forgiving! Most importantly it reminds us the existence of life beyond mere ‘existance’!

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