After months of endless teaching, today I dared to ask my students of their opinion about my pedagogy. It was indeed the need of the hour as I always had this feeling of ‘ would have been better had I did this and that!’. Thanks in large to my inferiority complex that kept on insisting me upon improving myself all these years.

Before bringing your attention to my students’ feedback on my teaching, I would like to mention the ecosystem that existed prior to my arrival(Sadly even now to a large extent!). As a person from Kerala(the southern part of India), I always had this notion that it is a breach and encroachment into their fundamental human right to physically punish the children for their so-called wrongs And I always ran away from the thoughts of regarding the activities of children as any kind of wrong deeds. How can punching and pinching and not doing homework be international crimes? In Kerala, teachers hardly ever punish their students! My heart and soul were completely used to this peaceful system and anything contradicting this notion seemed to me to be alien!

For obvious unavoidable reasons, the relationship between students and teachers had never been pleasant throughout the history of the school that I now work in. Teachers punish the students essentially for not obeying their orders. Orders would range from doing homework to keeping silence in the classroom to any kind of such trivial stuffs. It seemed quite weird to me. Who the hell these teachers are to physically harm these toddlers? It is completely awkward to see parents granting permission to teachers to punish their kids!

Here is where I get into the picture. As a first time teacher, I did my share of research before starting my first lesson! My google and youtube search histories that time filled up with the keyword ‘How to become a good teacher?’

I saw a lot of videos and read a lot of articles. Most of them figured out the presence of a comparatively good teacher in me! YES. I had an instinctive hatred for violence. I like silence and piece. I love to be called a calm person. And that’s where all my efforts have been centred around all these years though!

My career as a teacher began almost 4 months ago. I am so sure that my peaceful way of teaching must have made many students pinch their own skin to check if it is a dream. I never beat anyone with a stick to this date; even as it is encouraged by parents though! I rarely give any kind of punishment. I consistently leaned towards becoming one among these children because it is through that way that I can become a good teacher. However, I never had to put a lot of efforts towards achieveing that goal because being a child is not a tough task at least in my case!

So a brand new pieceful teacher has become the talk of the town. some said I’m inefficient, most of them being my co-workers. But some others said I am the best. You know whose opinion that was? Yes, My students found in me a teacher who isn’t actually a teacher! They found in me someone whome they can approach for any kind of their doubts. I’m grateful..!

Did I forgot to mention that I’m the class teacher of 7th grade? Yes I’m. I am given with the powers to take care of all these 60 kids who are the members of that classroom! The classroom is quite congested as is the school. And as a liberal teacher it is indeed hard to divert everyone’s attention towards me while I teach. I hope that the school management will split this big class atleast into two small divisions!

And about the feedback I received… I am leaving one here..

According to the words of an unknown kid-

A teacher is someone who thinks like a kid and acts like an adult

Sathya Sankar

I'm a mechanical engineer by graduation and a high school teacher in my current profession. I write on a wide variety of topics that covers whatever I feel like I should!


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